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Know a Pizza Joint Joe Has to Try?

Leave a comment below, try and provide as much information as possible, link to their website or Facebook/social page is a great start!
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  1. You need to try Di’s Pizza Pies in St Catherine’s Ontario. Was just there this past week for a concert. It was amazing. Right up your alley. Great sauce, cup and char pep, nice crisp. Please review if you haven’t.

  2. Justin C

    Papas pizza Lancaster New York this pizza slaps you gotta get regular sauce though sweet is much to sweet you went to a place I recommended once already I think you’ll like this place better

  3. Rob Hinman

    Joe there is a place in Lockport that has a cult fallowing for years. It’s called
    Lockcity Pizza 379 Davidson Rd. Lockport, NY 14094. This place is only open from 4pm to 9 pm. They are cash only.

  4. Steve

    Pizza Buoys
    153 Front Rd, Port Rowan, ON N0E 1M0

    4th generation pizza maker
    all fresh, made to order

    jumbo air fryer wings and homemade Italian sandwiches
    Closer to Long Point

  5. Steve Letourneau

    Macy’s in Hamilton Ontario corner of cannon and Sanford great little place not to many people kno of

  6. Seth Andrews

    If you like Neapolitan style pizza, try Queen Margherita on Queen Street East at Greenwood in Toronto. They got some of the best Neapolitan style pizza in Toronto. Also try Ambassador Pizza Co on Bloor Street West in Toronto, you’ll love them because they got a special cheese they use on their pizza that you can only get in Windsor.

  7. Seth Andrews

    Bro you gotta try Frank’s Pizza House in Toronto’s west end at St. Clair West and Lansdowne. That’s one of the oldest pizza makers in Toronto. The guy lost his vision a while back, but he’s still making pizzas, and he did a really great thing during covid where people could come in and pay what they could and not what they owed and he would still give them a slice of pizza, even if they didn’t have any money. Trust me bro, you’ll love Frank’s Pizza House. Also try Pizza Gigi, that’s another one of Toronto’s oldest and best pizza makers. My name is Seth, you can email me at [email protected], I know all the best pizza makers in Toronto, especially the old school ones. I’m a lifelong Toronto man, been living in the city for 20 plus years, and I’ve been around to say the least my brotha! Salude

  8. Mike Loomis

    Last year when the PGA Championship was held in Rochester, NY, Matt Kuchar a top golfer, asked a staff member for the best pizza in the area. He recommended TK’s Pizzeria in Fairport. The moment he walked in the oweners recognized him, because they are into sports. He loved the pizza. I’ve been going there for 46 years. That staff member was right! The pizza is delicious.

    1. Rick Miller

      Hi Joe , just wanted to tell you that you’re spot on with your reviews, I grew up in Niagara and have family in the Falls , Fort Erie , Wainfleet, Fonthill so now I have to try all of the top spots, Did ever try Bugsy’s sports bar & grill on Lakeshore dr in St.Kitts? They have a good pizza and wings , cheers Rick


    Can you review beyond pizza and wings at 1960 main St., West Hamilton Ontario. Their pizza is amazing. They’re toppings are underneath the cheese

  10. Taylor

    If you are ever close to a Gioninos please check it out and see what you think. I believe they are only in Ohio but they are amazing and very good price. Large is big and just 16 dollars. If you look up Gioninos online it should take you to their website.

  11. Vince

    Joe you have to start trying our steak pizzas. To begin I’d go with the Elmwood Just Pizza three-cheese steak with honey garlic crust, the West Side Lanovas steak (do not go suburban) garlicn parmesan crust, and the unsung GOAT…,Raymondos’s steak HOAGIE pizza…extra garlic sauce base.

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