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The Lock Wood Fire Pizza9.4$16.00Port Colborne
Macy's Place Pizzeria Kenmore9.3$23.84Buffalo
The Eager Beaver9.2$13.50Niagara Falls
Pete's Pizza9.2$16.95Niagara Falls
Pie Guys Pizzaria9.1$17.46Niagara Falls
Yank's Old Niagara Bar & Grill9.1$18.24Niagara Falls
oddBar.9.1$22.60St. Catharines
Volcano Pizzeria9.1$18.07St. Catharines
Boss Pizza9.1$31.00St. Catharines
Son of a Peach Pizzeria9.1$25.99Burlington
Franks Pizzaria9$17.29Niagara Falls
Johnny Rocco's Italian Grill9$17.52St. Catharines
Pie Guys Tap And Grill9$20.62St. Catharines
Sasso Pizza Market & Bar9$17.75Hamilton
Pizzaria8.9$18.65Niagara Falls
Carmine's Pizzeria8.9$17.52Niagara Falls
Zappi's8.9$15.76Niagara Falls
Bricks & Barley8.9$15.82NOTL
The Spot8.9$15.26Port Colborne
Cafe Amore8.9$18.36St. Catharines
Pete's Pizza8.9$19.76St. Catharines
Tailgates Bar & Grill8.9$19.20Welland
Rose City Pizza8.9$16.90Welland
Luciano's Pizzeria8.9$19.15Welland
Regina Pizzeria8.9$22.99Boston
Cowabunga Pizza8.9$28.25Hamilton
Sammy's Pizzeria8.9$17.05Niagara Falls
Antica Pizzaria8.8$18.07Niagara Falls
Garage Pizza8.8$22.60NOTL
Angelina's Pizzeria8.8$15.54Welland
Volcano Pizzeria8.8$13.50Welland
Shorty's Pizza8.8$33.34Hamilton
Noni's Pizzeria8.8$19.00Grimsby
You Had Me At Pizza8.8$24.86Grimsby
Fat Louie's American Style Pizzeria & Bar8.7$18.07St. Catharines
Matteo's Ristorante8.7$19.21Welland
Imperial Pizza8.7$33.21Buffalo
La Hacienda Ristorante8.7$21.06Niagara Falls
Mister B's Restaurant8.7$19.39Niagara Falls
San Vito's Italian Bistro & Bar8.6$13.56Crystal Beach
Sal's Pizzeria8.6$16.95Niagara Falls
Johnny Roccos Pizza Wagon8.6$10.00Niagara Falls
Volcanos Pizzeria8.6$18.07St. Catharines
The Twisted Pig8.6$21.47St. Catharines
Olee's Ale House8.6$15.82St. Catharines
Antonios Pizzeria8.6$16.95Welland
Mario's Place8.6$16.75Welland
Ernestos Pizza North End8.6$23.43Boston
Mustachio's Pizzeria8.6$23.34Buffalo
Zetti's Pizza & Pasta8.6$24.02Amherst
Just Pizza8.6$25.56Buffalo
Casa Nova Restaurant8.6$21.06Niagara Falls
Super Mario Pizza8.5$12.40Port Colborne
Fat Louie's Pizzeria & Bar8.5$19.20St. Catharines
Pete's Pizza Lakeshore8.5$19.20St. Catharines
The Brick Oven Pizza Company8.5$13.00Niagara Falls
Mister Pizza8.5$23.16Amherst
Ricotta's Pizza8.5$22.84Buffalo
Broadway Pizza8.5$20.73Niagara Falls
Frankies Donuts8.5$17.50Niagara Falls
The Trap Tap & Eatery8.4$18.08Fonthill
Johnny Roccos8.4$17.80Niagara Falls
Napoli Ristorante Pizzeria8.4$23.73Niagara Falls
Metro Bakery8.4$19.00Niagara Falls
Whisky Run Golf Club8.4$22.54Port Colborne
Rollin' Pizza Handcrafted Pizza + Pasta8.4$25.43St. Catharines
Pie Guys Pizzeria Linwell8.4$20.62St. Catharines
Restaurant 888.4$17.94St. Catharines
Petrullo Marketplace8.4$17.50St. Davids
Brando's Pizza & Wings8.4$21.60Niagara Falls
716 supreme subs8.4$16.20Niagara Falls
Volcanos Pizzeria8.3$18.07Fonthill
Queen's Guard Pub8.3$17.25Niagara Falls
Pieza Pizza & Vino8.3$22.60NOTL
Fabio's8.3$17.52St. Catharines
Big Marco's Italian Restaurant8.3$17.00St. Catharines
Kully's Original Sports Bar8.3$33.89St. Catharines
13th Street Winery8.3$18.08St. Catharines
Ravine Vineyard Estate Winery8.3$28.25St. Davids
Halftime King of Pizza8.3$26.35Boston
Bocce Club Pizza8.3$29.45Amherst
Gino & Joes Pizza8.3$23.38Buffalo
Gagster's Restaurant8.3$23.92Niagara Falls
Huff Estates Winery & Inn8.2$24.86Bloomfield
South Coast cookhouse8.2$21.47Crystal Beach
Mossimo's Pizza & Subs8.2$19.25Fonthill
Carson's Pizzaria8.2$17.50Niagara Falls
Dairy Queen 8.2$11.49Niagara Falls
Ruffino's Pasta Bar & Grill8.2$23.73NOTL
Tony's Pizzeria8.2$17.80St. Catharines
Manhattan Bar & Grill8.2$18.05St. Catharines
Handlebar Hanks Roadhouse8.2$19.20Welland
Mineo's South Pizzeria8.2$21.32Buffalo
Da Vinci's Pizza & Wings8.1$15.85Fort Erie
Vaticano Italian restaurant8.1$21.41Fort Erie
Gino's Pizza8.1$11.29Niagara Falls
The Old Winery Restaurant & Wine Bar8.1$15.82NOTL
Breakwall Brewing Company8.1$17.52Port Colborne
335 on the Ridge8.1$25.99Ridgeway
Mezzano's Pizza8.1$14.70St. Catharines
Julius Pizza8.1$16.10St. Catharines
Buddy's Pizza8.1$14.68St. Catharines
Papa Vince Pizza8.1$18.07St. Catharines
Eighty 88 Eight South8.1$19.21Niagara Falls
Pazzo's Pizzeria8.1$17.20Dunnville
Brick Oven Bistro8.1$15.77Buffalo
Buzzy’s Pizzeria8.1$18.85Niagara Falls
Joey's Pizzeria8.1$17.70Niagara Falls
On the Marc Pizza8$14.45St. Catharines
Culinary Dropout7.9$22.60Fonthill
The Barrel7.9$18.25Fort Erie
Boston Pizza7.9$26.73Niagara Falls
La Farina Bakery7.9$16.00Niagara Falls
The Grist Craft Brewery & Kitchen7.9$16.95NOTL
Barrel House Pizza7.9$22.56Picton
Aneta Pizzeria7.9$15.26Ridgeway
Lina Linguini's Pasta & Grille7.9$18.07St. Catharines
Bella Noella's7.9$20.34St. Catharines
Bugsy's7.9$17.75St. Catharines
Pizzeria Libretto7.9$21.41Toronto
Za Café Pizzeria & Bar7.9$19.21Toronto
The Pie Plate Bakery Café7.9$8.98Virgil
Alfredo's Place7.9$21.46Hamilton
Allentown Pizza7.9$25.23Buffalo
Ghada Have It!7.9$16.19Niagara Falls
Iggy's Pub & Grub7.8$24.86Fonthill
YNot Again7.8$17.90Niagara Falls
Camp Cataract7.8$17.28Niagara Falls
Pasta Fresca7.8$15.80Niagara Falls
Your Neighbourhood Pizza Co7.8$13.50Niagara Falls
Reeb House7.8$16.94Port Colborne
Pete's Pizza7.8$24.85St. Catharines
Maestro's Pizzeria7.8$14.68St. Catharines
Jo Blo's Bar & Grill7.8$20.84St. Catharines
Coppola's Ristorante7.8$20.34St. Catharines
Scorecard Harry's Inc7.8$27.63St. Catharines
Paesano Pizza7.8$13.00St. Catharines
The Rex Hotel7.8$16.39Welland
Giuseppe's Italian Cuisine & Pizza7.8$18.95Hamilton
Anchor Bar7.8$29.90Amherst
The Pizza House7.8$14.70Grimsby
Leon's Italian Bistro & Pizza7.8$16.74Niagara Falls
Portage Bakery7.7$18.00Niagara Falls
Niagara on the Lake Golf Club7.7$16.95NOTL
Christophers7.7$15.70Port Colborne
Fat Cat's Pizza7.7$16.33St. Catharines
Merrittville Wood Fired Pizza7.7$15.80St. Catharines
Pizza Jerry's Union House7.7$18.11St. Catharines
Il Fornello7.7$18.65St. Catharines
Italian Pizza and Subs7.7$12.71Virgil
Abbott Road Pizza7.7$23.21Buffalo
Riverside Tavern7.6$16.95Niagara Falls
Pizza Hut Stuffed Crust7.6$25.13St. Catharines
Westside Pizzeria & Bar7.6$20.25St. Catharines
Cracker Jack's Bar & Grill7.6$20.91St. Catharines
Alligator Pear7.6$20.34St. Catharines
Mr Grande Pizza7.6$28.80Hamilton
Extra Extra Pizza7.6$29.36Buffalo
Mr Ventry's Pizza7.6$18.36Niagara Falls
Pie Guys Pizzeria7.5$18.93Fonthill
Mick & Angelos7.5$20.34Niagara Falls
Nina Gelateria & Pastry Shop7.5$14.70NOTL
The Pizza Company7.5$16.39St. Catharines
Bob's Place7.5$33.90Dunnville
Hooligans Sports Bar7.4$17.00Niagara Falls
Paesano Pizza7.4$13.95St. Catharines
Big Brothers Gourrmet Pizza7.4$14.68St. Catharines
Caffe Gatti7.4$33.90St. Catharines
Monty's Gastropub7.4$15.82St. Catharines
Concession Pizza7.4$13.60Hamilton
Squires Pizza7.4$23.05Dunnville
Artisan Pizza7.4$19.05Burlington
Mudcat Bowling7.4$21.00Dunnville
Goodfellas Pizzeria7.4$21.40Niagara Falls
Peter Piper's Pubhouse7.3$16.94Fonthill
Zia's Pizzeria7.3$13.84Fort Erie
Qualia Pizza7.3$11.30Niagara Falls
D'Vinci's7.3$15.53Niagara Falls
Italia Pizzeria7.3$11.29Niagara Falls
Butler's Bar and Grill7.3$15.82NOTL
Pizzaria Alvernaz7.3São Roque do Pico
AJ'S Pie7.3$18.35St. Catharines
Peppinos Pizzeria7.3$16.90St. Catharines
Lazy Lizard7.3$18.06St. Catharines
Antipastos7.3$20.88St. Catharines
Boston Pizza7.3$31.06Welland
The Express Italian Eatery7.3$21.47Burlington
Beach House Restaurant7.2$13.00Crystal Beach
Masi Central Pizzeria7.2$13.55Fort Erie
Grafton Pizza7.2$14.68Grafton
Spicy Olive Bar and Grille7.2$19.20Niagara Falls
Costco Wholesale Canada7.2$14.68Niagara Falls
Pizzaria Alvernaz7.2São Roque do Pico
Carson's Pizzaria7.2$28.24St. Catharines
Wings Block7.2$16.33Welland
Red Swan Pizza Thin Crust7.2$13.50Welland
Nino Pizza7.2$12.40Port Colborne
Bronzie's Place7.2$19.72Hamilton
My Place Bar & Grill7.1$21.46Fonthill
Chip N Charlies7.1$19.21Niagara Falls
Red Swan Pizza7.1$12.35Niagara Falls
Colaneri Estate Winery7.1$18.00NOTL
Storky's7.1$10.99Port Colborne
Mulberry's Pizza7.1$11.29Port Colborne
Gino's Pizza7.1$12.42St. Catharines
Pitcher's Sports Bar And Grill7.1$16.33St. Catharines
Domino's Pizza7.1$14.11St. Catharines
Vincent's Pizzeria7.1$17.50Welland
Fore Stagione Golf Bar & Pizzeria7.1$20.34Hamilton
Brothers Pizza7.1$13.55Peterborough
Little Caesars Fanceroni Pizza7.1$19.20Niagara Falls
Super Pizza & Wings7.1$12.70Hamilton
Papa Johns7.1$22.59Hamilton
Pizza Hut Hand-Tossed Crust Review7.1$22.59Dunnville
Amici's Pizzeria7.1$15.82Grimsby
Flying J6.9$19.20Fort Erie
Carpaccio Restaurant6.9$18.08Niagara Falls
Clancy's Restaurant and Bar6.9$19.25Niagara Falls
Famo Pizza And Wings6.9$11.29Hamilton
Julia's Bistro6.9$18.63Dunnville
The Plaice Bar & Grill6.8$16.89Fort Erie
Your Neighbourhood Pizza Co6.8$13.00Niagara Falls
Casa D'Pizza6.8$19.77Niagara Falls
Two Sisters Vineyards6.8$24.86NOTL
Boston Pizza6.8$27.96St. Catharines
Cat's Caboose6.8$22.58St. Catharines
Lighthouse Restaurant6.8$22.59Stevenville
For Pizza’s Sake6.8$25.98Welland
Poppi's Pizzeria & Grill6.8$14.40Hamilton
Kettle Drums6.8$24.86Peterborough
Blaze Pizza6.8$15.17Amherst
St Catharines Pizza Company6.7$14.53St. Catharines
Ever Fresh Pizza6.7$13.55Welland
Four Seasons Bakery6.7$30.00Welland
Lugano 2 For 1 Pizza6.7$16.95Burlington
Bistro Six One6.6$16.94NOTL
Pizza House6.6$16.84St. Catharines
City South Pizza6.6$12.42Niagara Falls
Le Bella Pizza6.6$13.55Hamilton
Super 241 Pizza6.5$9.05St. Catharines
Cat's Kitchen + Bar6.4$15.81Niagara Falls
Fresco's Euro Grille6.4$18.07St. Catharines
The Kavern6.4$16.94Welland
Pizza Hut Homestyle Crust6.4$22.31Welland
My Tomato Pie6.4$22.84Amherst
Belmont Hotel6.3$14.97Port Colborne
Dominoes (Hand Tossed Crust)6.3$10.16Ridgeway
Pizza Pizza Seaway Mall6.3$11.85Welland
Rymal Pizza-Wings6.3$12.50Hamilton
Niva Pizza & Wings6.3$13.55Hamilton
Pizzaria Onda Azul6.2$18.38Lajes do Pico
Wingz N Thingz Pizza6.2$15.81Niagara Falls
Pete's Pizza6.2$11.30Niagara Falls
Italia Pizzeria6.2$11.29St. Catharines
Twice The Deal Pizza6.2$9.05St. Catharines
Pizza Rustica6.2$23.73Toronto
Gino's Pizza Seaway Mall6.2$13.56Welland
Pisa Pizza6.2$12.42Hamilton
Pizza Hut Aeroporto de Lisboa6.1Lisboa
Gamblers6.1$14.70Niagara Falls
My Cousin Vinny's6.1$23.30Niagara Falls
Dominoes6.1$11.29Niagara Falls
Pizza Hut6.1$20.33Port Colborne
Pizzaria Alvernaz6.1São Roque do Pico
Mamma's Pizza6.1$12.37Toronto
Twice The Deal Pizza6.1$10.16Welland
Oggi Bistro6.1$18.08Grimsby
Pizza Hut (Flatbread)5.9$9.05Fort Erie
Avondale Food Stores5.9$14.85Fort Erie
Twice The Deal5.9$7.90Niagara Falls
Domino's Pizza Brooklyn Style5.9$14.68NOTL
Moe's Tap & Wings5.9$18.08Port Colborne
Inferno Pizza5.9$12.99Hamilton
Lava Pizza & Wings5.9$14.70Hamilton
Noor's Subs and Pizza5.8$12.00Niagara Falls
Sandtrap Pub & Grill5.8$21.35NOTL
Domino's5.8$10.16Port Colborne
Southside Pizzeria & Co.5.8$21.36Peterborough
Old Bank Bistro5.7$19.54Fort Erie
Mama Mia's Italian Etery5.7$15.24Niagara Falls
Blind Pig Niagara5.7$17.24Niagara Falls
Little Caesars The Batman Calzone5.7$11.29St. Catharines
Stromboli's Pizza5.7$16.61St. Catharines
Trappers Sports Bar5.7$18.03Welland
Sneakers Beach Tavern5.6$13.15Crystal Beach
555 Brewing Co5.5$17.52Picton
CC's Dugout Italian Eatery5.5$15.00Welland
Supreme Pizza and wings5.5$11.29Hamilton
Bruno's Pizza & Wings5.3$11.30Hamilton
Pizza Pizza5.2$10.16Niagara Falls
Score Pizza5.2$11.87St. Catharines
Metro Lakeshore5.2$12.42St. Catharines
Gino's Pizza5.2$13.55Hamilton
Pizza Party All Night5.2$13.83Niagara Falls
Pizza Hut Aeroporto de Lisboa5.1Lisboa
Papa John's Pizza5.1$14.68St. Catharines
Godfathers Pizza5.1$20.06Dunnville
Wow Pop Pizza & Chicken5.1$11.30Hamilton
PZA MIA4.9$12.42Niagara Falls
Little Caesars4.7$14.68Niagara Falls
The Overtime Pub4.7$16.33St. Catharines
Pizza Hut Aeroporto de Lisboa4.6Lisboa
Domino’s Pepperoni Feast Pizza4.6$17.00Welland
Pizza Pizza (Cauliflour Crust)4.5$16.89Fort Erie
Papa Johns4.4$24.30Niagara Falls
Strada West4.4$20.34Niagara Falls
Qualia Pizza4.4$13.55St. Catharines
Red Swan Pizza Keto Crust4.3$21.41St. Catharines
Pizza Nova4.3$14.68Burlington
7-114.2$10.50Port Colborne
Wild Wing4.2$10.86St. Catharines
Flames On The Lake4.2$13.55Grimsby
Jim's Pizza 4.1$17.57Cobourg
Wrigley's Sports Bar4.1$16.94St. Catharines
Little Caesars3.9$6.77Fort Erie
Ste Anne's Bakery3.9$15.00Grafton
Commisso's3.9$24.85Niagara Falls
Jumbo's3.6$11.50Niagara Falls
Little Caesars3.6$16.95Port Colborne
Dr Oetker Ristorante Pepperoni Pizza3.5$5.49Robyn's House
7-Eleven3.4$12.98St. Catharines
Wayne Gretzky Estates3.3$24.86NOTL
DELISSIO Pizza3.3$5.99Robyn's House
Pizza Pizza Superfood Crust2.6$16.60NOTL
Little Caesars Pizza2.5$14.68Welland
Pizza Pizza2.3$10.72St. Catharines
Everyday Pizza2.1$11.00Niagara Falls
Gusto Italiano Double Pepperoni Pizza1.9$3.33Robyn's House
Mabels Gourmet0$0.00Crystal Beach
Il Sorriso Cafe & Pizzeria0$0.00Niagara Falls
Pillitteri Estates Winery0$0.00NOTL
RT Pizza0$0.00Niagara Falls
Anchor Bar0$18.80Buffalo